#10: The Surgical Strike in a Pond and Missing Fish in a Barrel

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There is a surf spot in a landlocked sea that has 100km of fetch. The forecast promises gale force winds from S, SW, W, NW and N direction. All that in about 6 hours. Then there is a spot in the middle of Pacific ocean. It has a fetch of a couple of 1000s kilometers and a low moving through the swell window. Now can someone explain how few amateurs can hit the first spot with surgical accuracy picking just the right two hours to surf a spot that has so far worked like 3-4 times in 15 years? The other team of I believe highly skilled weather experts can’t forecast the size and arrival of the swell for the second spot 12 hours ahead? :) Yes, the second spot is Waimea and I’m pissed Eddie was canceled ruining our after surf evening TV plans haha.

Barbapapa, 10.2.2016

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