#100-102: One Hundred Days of Surfing

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Damn, I did it :). One week of Morocco, two times Indonesia, two times Hossegor and lots of driving and wind swell chasing in the Adriatic and Mediterranean and it’s here. My 100 day surfing this year. It was a pretty sick session behind the forest point with clean lines coming around the corner while the other side was blasted with gale force winds. The current and the sketchy entry added to the excitement. Two days later we scored again. The forecast was a bit late, but when the waves picked up towards the evening we shared smackable left hand walls into the pine tree forest. And then the last day. It was supposed to be the best and biggest. Well, it was a disappointment. The swell direction was all wrong I guess and instead of 3m waves we surfed 60cm ripples.

8., 10., 11.12.2017  Gozd, Barba, NG

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