#11-13: 3 Day Surf Trip and 5 Things I Hate About Living in a Car

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  1. As soon as you go for your first surf session all your things explode all over the car and can never be contained back to their original place. It looks like your bags puked all over the car.
  2. You are constantly searching for something and it’s ALWAYS in the wrong place. It you are resting in the back it’s for sure in the front, and if you are in drivers seat you can be 100% percent sure it’s in the back somewhere.
  3. Your wetsuit never dries, it’s a cold wet mess in a box or waterproof bag. Which is ok until you have to put it on the next morning. Not to mention that soon your whole car starts to smell like the inside of your wetsuit box.
  4. If you have your back seats folded or taken out so you can sleep in the back you can not sit up straight. So all you can do is lie down. Even getting in and out of your clothes becomes a small acrobatics act.
  5. In the middle of the night you wake up and you go: “Damn…….I need to pee.”

But waking up just 10m from the sea makes it totally worth it. You can raise your head without even coming out of your sleeping bag and check the surf. Time to get up or just turn around:)?

  • Surprise solid&clean 1.5m North of Albania session, 12.2.2016
  • Barba had some windless moments and “Istrska mineštra does not go well with lasagna or ravioli because it makes you full all by itself” by Pompei waiter. :) 13.2.2016
  • The most obvious forecast of the 3 days was big and windy at NOA. 14.2.2016

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