#16-18: Almost

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Coming home from a surf trip I’m always excited for the first session to cash in on the paddling stamina. Forecast didn’t look promising and arriving to the usual spot it was even worse than expected. Hence to 100s of bull photos on my Canon SD card. Somewhere at the end of the bovine photoshoot the waves picked up considerably and we were almost running to the car to jump into thick wetsuits and paddle out. There was like an hour of light left in the day. A fun but short session. Next day we oversold and over hyped a north wind spot in Italy that was nowhere near as good as it was the last two times we were here. But me and Miha did get to surf in Zorro masks and Luggy checkedĀ another location fromĀ his sk8 in strange lands and places bucket list when he skated in the middle of a highway traffic jam :)

Then Tuesday/Wednesday was another combo session that did not quite deliver. Had 3 fun waves Tuesday afternoon and then the next morning the “EPIC” forecast resulted in 10cm waves so it was back to work.

NOA 24.2. & Jamaica 25.2.2017
Gozd 28.2.

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