#4: The HYPE Day!

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When a sizable forecast appears in the middle of the worst season in years the local coconut wireless goes nuts. Who’s going, where, who’s driving, forecast analysis, past sessions comparison…and if it even looks similar to one of the best session of all times on the west coast you know it’s going to be crowded. Everybody was there. It was cold. Kind of ok, kind of big, but not very organized due to onshores that would not back off. After the session, two hour chill with warm tea over the heating vent in the car and then someone checks the nearby webcam. Fuck, it’s glassy!?  Lets go! We caught the tail end of the short lived swell, it was xxs, glassy, sunny and warm. Nice way to end the day.

Barbariga, 12.1.2016

PS: all the photos are from the dome+GoPro combo.

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