#43-45: Why I Love Italy Vol.II

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The forecast was a bit so so. Too much wind and too much storm movement too close to the coast. I’m not sure about the others but I was a little skeptic yet fired up to go somewhere, anywhere. Nearing the coast we were greeted by tree bending winds. There was even this tower near Pisa that was all crooked and standing sideways due to the wind.  Hm. We picked a spot that should be at least a little bit protected from the gale force onshores. Nearing the spot it seemed that the trees are not that bent and that all the houses are straight….hm…maybe…just maybe?

BAAAAAAAM! Light offshore breeze, clear blue skies, sunny warm weather and smacking right hand point surf?!! All while our home town was being covered with 4 inches of snow. Score! :D :D :D

NOA, 22.4.2016
South of Genoa & the colored sea 23.-24.4.2016

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