#5-6: The “I Need New Winter Gloves” Sessions

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Not that long ago we did not surf the north wind swells. Then we said it’s only for the summer and autumn, while it’s not that cold outside and the water is warm. And then it was 16th of January and we were in the water cursing our thin neoprene gloves and sticking our hands under our armpits. Ha. Try getting out of your wetsuit using cold hands. At least it was sunny…we had a choice actually. The further south we would go, the bigger the waves would be. But it would also get cloudy, windy, and even colder. If we would drive long enough there were snowstorms on the coast down south. So we compromised on sunny Rimini, right on the edge of the bad weather, it was far enough, we still had to get back home.

Ravena, Rimini – 16.-17.1.2016

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