The 600km Drive Into Spring

Surfing lineup at sunset
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Two surfers paddling for an early morning wave in Levanto, Italy

Two hour delay, 6 hour drive through the night, and a “good morning” that you can only wish for with a view like this one.

Early January morning and waves in Italy

First surf in 2015? Score!

Lines of windswell in Levanto, Italy

The day began with the perfect surf session. It was what Levanto dreams are made of.

A big wave set closes out in Italy

Sunny, glassy, light, barely noticable offshore and perfect peeling waves. After Dejc threw buckets of water over the lip on his second wave we were all laughing like madmen.

Surfer paddles over the wave in Levanto, Italy

But as the sun lit bench on the promenade above the sea started to look more and more inviting, arms heavier and heavier, thoughts of latte macchiato and focaccia prosciutto more and more common suddenly the session turned into a turd.

Two wave peaks in Levanto, Italy

As the waves grew whole Levanto bay turned into a closeout party. Makeable waves not invited. Just series of unmakable tubes and closeouts.

Drying wetsuits in the sun and watching surfers

But outside it was almost summer, so no one really cared:) Beginning of January, 20C, sun, beer, good food… instead of -10C, eternal fog and gray color, shuffling snow, and burek.

Drying our wetsuits and watching the surf

The afternoon session was a paddle like crazy, throw yourself over the ledge, and hope for the best affair. The best outcome was pretty rare:)

Surfing lineup at sunset

Still I managed to squeeze in a couple of backlit green walls. After the session it was epic sunset photography time. Only way to make this photo more cheezy is to add some kittens and a puppy.

Surfer riding into the sun

Or a surfer and a quote about friends or life :). Yeah, few longboarders could get into the waves earlier and beat the falling lip screaming over the bay.

After sunset offshore wave

From dusk till dawn it was pumping. Ciao Italia, see you next time.


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