#62&#63: From Flat to Epic…ok Fun

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22:00, end of session

We ignored the flat webcams and drove to Italy anyway. The forecast looked promising. Of course when we arrived it was flat. I’m not sure why my friend got all “woow first fail in a long time!” excited, I for sure was not. We decided to wait, to check the local surf shop, to check another spot and the got back to the beach. Something was definitely happening and were riding kneehigh beachbreak walls till darkness with two local sirens screaming in the lineup at every foam that hit them. Fun:)

Cortelazzo, 27.6.2016

Hit it baby one more time. Sunday afternoon is a funny time to start your surf trip. Nothing much happens once the clock is past 3pm on Sunday. Well last Sunday it did.
Cortelazzo, 3.7.2016

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