#64-65: What Just Happened?

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It was a rainy Saturday around noon when one of the Instagram stories caught my attention. The surf forecast suggested only 50cm of waves, and there is that 1m rule, that says it’s not worth going if its less than 1m, but on the photo there was a person riding a really small wave that should have not been there. What followed was 2 hours of checking every imaginable forecast and all the forecasts were really skeptic. Naah…it’s not worth it. I decided to stay at home. 15 minutes later I was speeding down the highway towards the sea.

OMFG, what the hell is going on:)?! I ended up splitting 1.5m peaks with occasional 1.8m set with only my friend Luka in the water. The IG story authors surfed whole day and could not move their arms:). It was glassy as my bathroom mirror and at one moment I had so many waves in a row that my heart was thumping like mad, my head was steaming and I seriously for a second considered I should start running. The thought passed as quickly as it came, washed away by the next glassy set. We surfer for 3 hours till it got completely dark. I was more tired than after a 7h session on the island down south. Insane:)

Got some energy back after a beer and fried squid at our local hangout spot. We hung our wetsuits outside the restaurant and hit dinner, while some local guy was smiling at us, said he was watching us and that he named the peak that we surfed Slovenian peak haha. Next day it was all sunshine and lazy coffees at the seaside, fun in the sun afternoon session and an amazing weather spectacle in the late afternoon. And our team became European basketball champions. A weekend to remember.

NOA, 16.9., BorovĨki 17.9.2017

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