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All I Can is the most amazing ski movie I have ever seen. Filmed by the group of filmmakers that call themselves The Sherpas the All I Can is a a two-year feature film project that just came out. As The Sherpas say: “Film fuses our passions for riding and exploring the mountains with our potential to help the environment. The film strives to unite global mountain culture and bind us together as the leaders of a revolution. We must be inspired to do all we can for the environment, and we must learn how to take that first tiny step in the right direction.”

The Directors Behind All I Can

Multi-award winning Directors Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland journey to Chile, Morocco, Alaska, BC and beyond.

The Riders Behind All I Can

Kye Petersen, Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, JP Auclair, James Heim, Chris Rubens, Mike Douglas, Dana Flahr, Rory
Bushfield, Ian McIntosh, Lynsey Dyer, Alexi Godbout, Matty Richard, Chad Sayers and more.

“BEST FEATURE-LENGTH MOUNTAIN FILM” – Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011
“BEST DOCUMENTARY” – IF3 Film Festival Montreal 2011
“MOST INNOVATIVE VISUAL FX” – IF3 Film Festival Montreal 2011

But enough talk, watch the teasers. Oh, and if you want to buy the movie you can get it on iTunes or on Sherpas website.

This last clip is a segment from the movie directed by Dave Mossop & JP Auclair and ridden by JP Auclair in Trail, Rossland, and Nelson, BC. It hit the web recently and stirred lots and lots of attention that even The Sherpas didn’t expect. Wonder why? Because journalists and websites that have no connection to skiing are posting it and calling it  parkour skiing. Or maybe just because it plain and simple kicks ass right down to the last segment when te bus goes uphill (which is real by the way, not staged). For an interview about this part check Sherpas page :).

All I can do right now is dream of snow and enjoy the clips!

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