Jack O’Neill: It’s Always Summer on the Inside

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This year O’Neill celebrates its 60th anniversary, carrying on Jack’s legacy of innovation, progression, environmentalism, and, above all, surfing. Special events, like the Cold Water Classic, and important projects, like the 60-year book “Jack O’Neill: It’s Always Summer on the Inside,” will all celebrate this important milestone.

This biographical coffee table book follows the journey of the man whose passion drove him to create an innovative suit that allowed surfers to be the first in the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay and the last out. The 256-page, hardcover book written by Drew Kampion and published by Chronicle Books will be released on oneilleshop.com, O’Neill stores and other selected retail shops starting November 1.

Price? €29.95

Some of the earnings will also go to non-profit environmental education program – O’Neill Sea Odyssey.

“I’m just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer,” says O’Neill. “By having the surf shop and inventing the wetsuit, it was my job to test out my products. I loved my job. My job was to surf.”

A classic Jack O’Neill shot

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