Landlocked Sea Surf Season So Far…

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Some random ramblings from the last few surf days…


There are down days with no waves. If you live here…lots of them. But there are down days when you iron your sofa with your ass and there are down days when you sleep in a tent on a deserted island. Here is the second one. I like it much better.


Surfing over here means rain. Usually unusually lots of rain. Hehe. Muddy roads, shoes, cars, people stuck in mud, driving over huge puddles, dodging fallen branches…


Good morning. Dawn patrol was invented to beat the crowds and wind. Over here dawn patrol was invented to have no meaning whatsoever. It’s just another part of the day that has enough light to surf waves that might no be here anymore in 2-3 hours. Who cares about the wind and crowds.


Semi violent weather changes sometimes bring nice sunsets.


That’s my new fatso. Fat fat. Chubby doughnut. 5’10″x21″1/2×2″5/8. It rides wind swell waves like you lick vanilla ice cream.


More jungle fever. This is the road to one of the spots that never work… :)


Then every now and then there is a day when we have waves and bluebird skies. A day when you can sit in the sun in between session and chat with your friends while other friends are still in the water surfing and even more friends are stuck at home annoyed by the fact that you could sit in the sun in between sessions and that you had sessions at all.


There is this ship that brings you to an island and if it’s windy it also makes you sick. One is good, one not so much.


This is she.


People that don’t like to wear booties are the best dancers!


You can not have too much of a good thing. #doubleselfie #vain


How did you make this photo? Canon 650D, ISO200 and 25s. Then just wait for the shooting star and make a wish that your shutter is opened at the time.


The sea is nice. Doesn’t matter small…


…or big. But we prefer big:). Photo: Miha Godec


That’s my buddy in the spotlight. Short winter days when the waves are most common give you plenty of night to fool around.


One goes unridden. DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!


When guys are curious to know whats going on in girls toilet. Well, not much until they got in… :) (please notice my friend ┬áin the upper right corner trying to squeeze his huge head into the photo…)

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