Site Moved To WordPress And We Are Back

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After a long sleep 360Guide is back. Updating and keeping this blog alive was always on my to do list but all sorts of things got in the way and… well, lets just say it has been a long 3 year break for this site. Now I am back, 360 guide is back. Most of our best and most visited posts are still very accurate since things like history of surfing, snowboarding etc… snowboard stance, how to choose a wetsuit, snowboard, surfboard… didn’t change. Meanwhile I also started mountainbiking so I’ll also be posting some tips and info on that. Things that were hard for me to find when I was starting out.

And finally – the site itself got a face lift and an update under the hood. Before it was Joomla driven, now it runs on WordPress. So here is a little request for all of you – if you find any problems, broken links, missing images…things like that, please let us know here in the comments so we can fix it. Tnx!

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