Slacklines and Jiblines

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Slacking In Comfort Of Your Own Home

Well, it’s not quite in the comfort of your own home unless you have a really giant living room but your garden might work. We did some slacking stuff together with Adam Coltons Skate To Sunshine video…so when we found Gibbon Slacklines  – this is something for everybody that wanted to try slacking for yourself and did not know how. Try Gibbon Slacklines. They come from Germany and they make Slacklines and Jiblines that can be tied to almost anything by almost anyone.

Have a useless tree in the garden that just sits there producing oxygen and dropping leaves every autumn :)? Tie a slackline  to it and improve your balance and core strength and most important – have fun! There are loads of slacking videos on their site, just one for your taste to get the better picture what slacking actually is…


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