Surf Weekend

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We made another trip to Levanto (go here for some tips on surfing Levanto).


It was time for another surf trip. Traffic jams and full highways made us miss the evening ligh so we arrived to the coast when it was already dark. Levanto by night.


To blow off some steam, Marko went for a trampoline. Smooth talker got in for free:)


The night did not stop us. Street lights give just enough light to illuminate the faces of the waves when they rise near the beach. 2h surf session.

beer in Levanto

After that it was time for beer and some peanuts. Re-hydration and minerals is a good excuse for that.

Beach party

After we returned from the center the beach was partying. Music blasting from the speakers, dj doing his best and the blurry people were the one that were moving while I took this long exposure photo. So you can easily pick out the dancers :)

Sun and waves in Italy

Next morning it was time for dawn patrol. Since morning saw the biggest waves there was no time for photo shooting, just straight into the water. This is around 1pm.

Walking in the sun

Summer 2014 sucks around here. Rain and bad weather all the time. Walking in the sun is so rare you have to see it to believe it. Here is proof:)

Italy food menu

Levanto and Italy in general is a place for good food. We had some foccaccias with pesto, anchovies, and mozzarella and tomatoes.


Detail from the wall.

Summer beach in Italy

This is how the beach scene looks like.

leg brace

This is my buddy Marko with his homemade leg brace. The former QS wetsuit sleeve is quite stylish.

Arcades in Levanto.

And finally, the short night called for some power nap on the local pier before going back home. Zzzz… till next time.

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