Surfing Into the Sunset

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Bora is a strong cold northern wind that blows around these places. It has an ability to close roads, turn trucks upside down, blow away roofs, and turn an ordinary pigs leg into delicious prosciutto. Besides that it also has the ability to produce waves. The problem is that since it’s so strong it blows most lineups into pieces. Messy blown out shifting short period peaks with almost no surfable wall. Yey! And most of the time…well…it’s fcking cold! So after the initial enthusiasm we almost completely stopped chasing bora waves. Until this year. A few summer bora days blurred the freezing cold memories and new protected spots cupped with some wind conditions luck turned messy lineups into surfable ones.

Surfers in water by the pier in Italy

My friends in muddy cappuccino brown water by the pier. Almost 3 hours of glassy waist high waves.

Wave from behind

Something behind the tree line suggests that it’s going to be an amazing sunset.

A wave by the pier and a fishing house in Italy

OK, when you are surfing wind swells glass is a bit of a stretchy term:)

Waves and fishing house.

The coast and the near-coast canals are littered with this kind of fishing houses. Each one has one or two huge nets suspended above the water. I have never seen anyone fishing though.

Wave and sunset

Sometimes it is not just the waves that you remember. As the evening approached…

Sunset and wave

…the sky turned into dark orange.

Sunset above waves.

The setting sun lit the clouds from beneath coloring them dark orange-violet-red. Then the light reflected from the clouds onto the sea surface putting us in the middle of this colorful glow.

Surfboard in sunset.

To bad my water camera is a bit slow, it’s hard to take sharp photos in low light while sitting on a surfboard in a wavy lineup.

Till next time Italy.

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