Tropical Rainstorm and Muddy Coffee Brown Water

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A photo surf story on how we dodged lightnings and surfed red colored waves.

Surfboard in the water with water drops on it

This is how it began, a peaceful evening surf, suited for my minimal…

night surfing under the lights

I hate that summer is over, especially because the days are shorter and shorter. And then there is that stupid DST crap at the end of October. Where can I sign to stop this?!:)

Car lights aiming at the sea.

Well, this is one way to fight that. Two cars with lights aiming at the sea. It wasn’t a night session to write home about, but it was kind of fun.

night view from the sea to the beach

Well, this photo sucks. But it is supposed to show the night view from the lineup towards the beach and our two light sources.

surfers entering the water

Fast forward over some cheap and delicious Gorgonzola, goat cheese & Istrian prosciutto pizza, a beer and a bunch of “how and why I missed my flight and what happened next” surf stories, next day greeted us with gloomy skies and well, again some marginally bigger waves.

surfers in water and rain

It soon started to rain.

surfer riding a wave in the rain

And rain some more…

rain falling into the sea

The rain got stronger and stronger but that was not what sent us running for cars. The first lightning I saw was followed by the thunder maybe 2 seconds later. Which is close. According to this article, you should get out of water if the lightning and thunder are less than 30s apart. Well…soon they were 0 seconds apart. We could feel the electricity cracking in the air while we ran for our cars with lightning and thunder over our heads. Scary shit.

Rain on the car window.

Sitting in the safety of my car the rain started to fall even harder (if that is even possible). 47 liters (12 galons) of rain fell over a square meter in time of one maybe two hours.

waves in rain

There were streams of water everywhere. Especially flowing from the red dirt cabbage fields towards the sea.

red brown sea

Painting the sea to which we returned when the lightning stopped red-brown.

Surfers in dirty water

Everybody went for the right peak.

two surfers waiting for waves

So it was just me and another two friends on the peak next to it.

dirty muddy flip flops

Late comers had some trouble getting to the beach as the mud tried to eat their shoes.

brown wave

Despite all the weather drama, the waves didn’t reach over waist high. A few turns on the shortboard when the windswell peaked and then it was back to mini malibu business. But the shitty brown water and afternoon sun made up for that:).

Surfer riding a dirty brown wave

Even the foam looks like it comes from a water treatment plant.


I could describe this beachbreak with the immortal words from times when we were still searching for sandy breaks in Bali: “This beachbreak is a little bit to rocky for me.”

Surfers paddling for a wave

To prove this point, two fins were lost on the submerged rocks. Luckily my plastic malibu can stand up to anything you throw at him. A few grinding sounds later it was still ridable.

surfer going right

My last sun and boardshorts session was over at 5 pm and it was slowly time for a sleepy way back home.

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