Backflip: BMX double backflip and Dave Mirra

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BMX Double Backflip

BMX double backflips are not that rare these days but they are still the OMFG of the crowds. The bike is a little smaller and lighter so it turns around quicker than a mountainbike and BMX freestyle has much longer history that mountainbike. Double backflips are  even being pulled in competition. One of the freestyle BMX legends Dave Mirra has done it in X-Games…and won.

Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra was born on  April 4, 1974 in Chittenango, New York and has won almost everything a guy can. He holds the record for most X-Games medals, standing (and gold medals). Sounds crazy but he has medaled in every X-Games since they started in 1997. So far his neck can be weighted by 18 X-Games medals.

Dave Mirra – X-Games Run with a double backflip

Another 2x backflip video and it’s not all a walk in the park…

The first one was done in BMX competition in Cologne in 2004 by Chris Mahoney.

But don’t let the videos fool you, pulling double backflips like nothing isn’t easy. You are going to eat dirt sooner or later.

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