Can You Kickflip Your Surfboard?

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Volcom 10.000$ Kickflip Competition

Volcoms 10.000$ kickflip comeptition has been going on for a while now. If people thought this would end quickly – well they were wrong. It ain’t easy landing a kickflip on your surfboard. Even more if you follow the “strict rules” set by Volcom:

  • make a proper, above-the-lip kickflip – you must launch an air, use front foot to flip the board, and then land on it and ride it out cleanly.
  • no tow-ins,
  • no grabs,
  • wakeboards, boogie boards…
  • no shoes,
  • no dolphin-assistance… and more :)

This is one hell of a trick to land, but people are trying it all over the place and sooner or later it will be landed. You can see one of the closest attempts if you watch the clip below:

Or just kickflip it to the kickflip video section on Youtube.


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