Invasion from planet C

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The Sci-Fi Surf Movie

Hold on to your chair. Aliens are Invasion! From Planet C is coming, and they are coming to take your waves! They’re coming to take your women! Huh? There are surf movies and then there are Sci-Fi surf movies.

In surf movies you got people like Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Mick Fanning, Parko, Taj…

In Sci-Fi surf movi you have “people” like Gnar Gnar, Casanova, Walpurgis, Uncle Blork, Corporal Peltsteak, Flossie, Ma, Pa, Agent 01, Troll Assassin, Troll 01, Troll 02, Troll 03, Troll 04, Sexy Girl, Girl with Dog, Dog, Girl in Bar, Girl in Bar 2, Dude in Bar, Bartender, Official 01, Official 02, Casanova Double, Bez and Zel.

Notice the difference?

Invasion! From Planet C a surfing movie with a science fiction plot. From the moment you land on their website you know this is not an ordinary surf movie. From the cowboy boots and shoulder protectors, dwarf hat and beard to the bright pink surfboard under under the arm. (Is the pink surfboard a North Shore homage?) Sci-Fi extravaganza was shot in New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia and California. You can expect the Invasion! this spring, so start hiding you women. Now to the trailer.

Invasion! From Planet C Trailer


  • axe says:

    All good fun ;D

  • bingo says:

    Origin of the stoke :)

  • jake says:

    I think it’s time for my own surfing movie where I take the waves and the women

  • Mateo says:

    Yes kiddies hold on tight cause the Invasion has landed and Gnar Gnar and I are sent here to take your waves and make sure you keep a close eye on your chick. Once you figure out you can Mine some Stoke you to will Be part of our coalition to take over the planet with good vibes.

    Get Mining earthlings
    Blast it

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