Jamie Pierre

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There is a good chance that you already heard of Jamie Pierre. He is the guy that holds all the (un)imaginable height records for ski cliff jumps. Pierre is a hard-core Christian, so he says a couple of prayers before he throws himself over the rocks, but still is this enough? Dropping 180ft/55m and landing on some rocks, dropping 240ft/72m and landing on his head. This guy really has nine lives. He makes a nice living out of that, but why does he do it?

Introducing Jamie Pierre

240ft / 72m cliff jump on the head


Anomaly is a  deviation or, departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule and is also the snow movie made by the crazy crew including Jamie Pierre. It was called the best movie of 2006. Made by Teton Gravity Research it is a film shows just what today pro snowboarders and skiers do. Sick sick sick. Who is riding? Jeremy Jones continues to touch the void in Alaska, Erik Roner completes his disturbing two-year vision, Jamie Pierre survives a world record 25-story free fall, Seth Morrison and Candide prove why they are at the top of the game, newcomer Ian MacInstosh opens the doors to the future of big mountain riding….


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