O’Neill Tattooed Boardshorts

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Oh no, not another boardshorts news. Yes it is, this time the limited edition boardshorts come from O’Neill and you will not believe it – Red Hot Chili Peppers have again played their part in the making of these boardshorts. First we had Billabong Red Hot Chili Peppers boardshorts then Billabong Foo Fighters Boardshorts and now O’Neill presents Tattoed Boardshorts.

O’Neill Tattooed Boardshorts

It’s not just a new product name, the boardshorts are really made by Henk Schiffmacher who is tattoo master from Holland. This is also where the Red Hot Chili Peppers mix in. Their tattoos were also made by Henk Schiffmacher. As were the tattoos of Pearl Jam and Kurt Cobain for instance.

Henk inspiration comes from ancient warriors like Aztecs and Marquesans. The tattio on the O’Neill Tattooed Boardshort represents the eagle warrior – which is inspired by ancient Aztec armies. Needless to say that the eagle warrior was the shit in those day, respected and feared. The tattoos identified the rank of a warrior’s rank and his achievements along with some spiritual stuff.

Nuku Hiva

There is also a girls version of the O’Neill Tattooed Boardshorts – the Nuku Hiva. Nuku Hiva comes from female tattoo culture on Marquesas Archipelago. There the tattoos symbolized learning, guard against evil spirits, reflect social status and provide rights for women to enter into the man’s world. Quite a story with just a pair of boardshorts. Boardshorts will be available from this spring on.

Oneill Tattoed Boardshorts


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