Ski-doo backflip

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Backflip on a Snowmobile

The bigger and the heavier the equipment more time and power you need to turn it around. Flip a skateboard easy, flip a snowboard, flip a BMX bike, flip a mountainbike, flip a FMX motorbike and at the end flip a Ski-Doo. The lightest Ski-Doo can still weight 200kg and more or 440 pounds. How do you get more time to do a backflip on a monster like that? You need to go higher. But the higher you jump the harder you fall. And if you crash the difference between a skateboard falling on your body or a Ski-Doo falling on you is…let just say you can tell the difference. Yikes!

But still, people are pulling snowmobile backflips all over the place…

This one is from the TB10 Optigrab snowboard movie, rider Jim Rippey.

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