Snapper Rocks Wipeouts

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Taking a break from the snowboarding teasers that are teasing me to insanity :) here is a little something we like to do in the summer or also in the winter if I think of it. Well… not exactly taking one on the head on Snapper Rocks but surfing in general.

The next video clip shows wipeout after wipeout from a last years early December session on the Australian spot called Snapper Rocks.

Snapper Rocks

Snapper Rocks is one of the worlds most known and surfed waves. It lies in Australias Gold Coast. It’s a right point break. It is named after sharp rocks that stick out of the water in front of the takeoff zone.

What made Snapper famous was the birth of the Superbank in 1995. Starting in 1995 the sand bypass system has been pumping sand from south side of the Tweed river to the north. The sand has filled the bay and much extended the beaches from Snapper to Kirra. The result was the birth of Superbank. Superbank is a super long sandbank that starts at Snapper Rocks and goes all the way to Kirra. If the conditions were right wave connected and you could surf all the way down from Snapper. In really big swells carried right through past Kirra Point. Only a lucky few surfed that 1.5 kilometers in four minutes long wave.

If the conditions were right? In March 2006 a series of big storms destroyed the Superbank. Since then the sand has filled in again but we will have to wait and see if the wave will ever be completely the same.

Now its enough blah blah and lets go to Snapper Rocks Wipeouts. And yes, the rocks are really sharp.


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