Speedrider snowboarding

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How do Speedrider and Snowboard go together?

The kind guys at JN Kites sent me a few links and a video of snowboarder using their Speedrider. Speedrider?  If you missed it – Speedrider is what you use for speedriding (duh) and Speedriding is: flying along the slope at high speed, a few meters or centimetres away from the ground. It looks kind of crazy at least for the people that come from the down on Earth sport backgrounds. There is getting air on a kicker and then there is getting air with a Speedrider. Nuff talking, first the links to some videos and then the video itself:

A few Speedriding links

1.)   http://www.jn-kites.com/ downloads/videos. Speedriding [1.253 kb] SpeedRiding USA [1.860 kb] (this is the site of the makers of the Speedrider)

2.)   http://service.gmx.net/mc/5WMjlIbgWDu3RseTIeayLj9054yp2G Here you have to register!

3.)   http://www.para-noid.com/speedflying.mov

4.)   http://www.snowkiting.at/ under speedflying you can find some videos

Snowboarder & Speedrider video

The guy using the speedrider speaks German, I’ll try to get the rust of my German and make a few sentences of what he is saying. Or if you happen to speak German, – you are welcome :)!


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  • Mario says:

    Unfortunately my english is a deal worse than my german, but I gave it a try:

    In winter 2005 some crazy french guys did a ride down the slope with their parachutes on. This was the start of a new kind of sports.

    Speedflying is comparable to paragliding but [the wing] is a lot smaller. A speedflyer has a max of 12-13 square metres and a paraglider is more than twice that size. That is why the wing is much more direct and agile and faster of course.

    The fascination of speedflying is of course the speed and the fact of carving and flying in one sport. Meaning that I can ride down the slope and if I want, I can fly over the next hill or over a crevasse then land on the next slope and ride on.

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