Surfing in Norway

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Norwegian Tides

Alright. A fact is wetsuits are better than ever. A few years ago we reached the level where water temperature is no longer a question. You put on your integrated hood 6/5/4 steamer, some booties and gloves, drink gallons of tea (or beer) for that extra “in the middle of session warmth” and game on. You can surf wherever you want as long as there are waves. The rest is in your head. So surfing in Norway might sound a bit crazy to people from warm water places, but we’re sure it does not sound crazy to surfers from Norway :). It’s all in your head, how stoked and dedicated are you? Still seeing a guy step out of the van with a surfboard under his arm into the middle of snowstorm is hardcore. Well seeing him is not hardcore :) surfing in that conditions is. Norway just has that “that must be cold” ring to it.

Norwegian Tides Teaser

So if you are ready for some cold surfing action, check out the new surf movie coming out in spring 2008. It’s called Norwegian Tides and you can see the teaser here. If Norway is not cold enough the also get some sweet waves in Iceland and warm their bones in Morocco. Surfing in Norway? Hell yes :)

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