The Most Expensive Surfboard Ever?

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30.000$ Surfboard, Is surfing expensive?

There is a surfboard that costs 30.000$. What? What would you expect to find in a 30.000$ surfboard? GPS? IPod? Jet engine? Diamonds? A big stash of weed? Shark radar? Tube seeking missiles? Wave enhancing technology? 29.400$? All of the above?

How about if the surfboard in question has a yellowish tint from UV rays and I’m sure a few cracks and dents? Then I blame it on the retro phase we are going through. Actually, I think it is nice to remember your roots, know and respect your history. Surfing is on a rise and so is the industry that surrounds it.

Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction

So today you can find a guy who will pay 30.000$ for the 11-foot Buzzy Trent Model “Surfboards Hawaii” elephant gun from the 1960s, shaped by Dick Brewer. “With only three of these boards known to be in existence, this was the equivalent of a car collector coming across a special edition handmade Ferrari,” explained Randy Rarick. Andy is the auction producer of the just finished Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction. But that’s not all, the next surfboard in line was original, 5-foot, redwood “Alaia” board from 1895, that sold for $27,000. All together the big pile of cash that people payed for old surfboards and other memorabilia reached 650.000$.

The most expensive surfboard ever?

How did Tom Moreys AL surfbords do?

If you are interested – the two Air Lubricated surfboards from Tom Morey AL1 and AL3 were sold for 5.000$ and 7.000$.


  • drake says:

    The board is pretty sick, but 30.000$!? It’s just the time when all industry moguls have to have a nice collection of vintage surfboards in their mansions :D :D
    I’d still rather blow it on a surf trip.

  • ?!?!?!?!!?!?!!? says:

    wow, i thought the most expensive board would be something that is absolutely state of the art with some sort of new technology set to completely change the way we surf, not a yellowed, cracked piece of fibreglass from 1960. (if you havent noticed, im not a big fan of retro).

  • lolz says:

    jejejejeje thats not alot jejeje;D :o :P

  • Roy Stuart says:


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