The Wedge

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The Wedge is where you go if you kind of want to break your neck. It’s an insane shorebreak, which means that the lip of the wave comes crashing down straight onto a foot or two of water just by the shore or even straight on to the sand. Falling down together with the lip is therefore not a good idea. If you get away with every body orifice filled with sand, that counts as a good ending. The Wedge is located at the extreme south end of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California. Needless to say only expert and crazy people try to ride it. Because of the violent takeoff it is more suitable for bodyboarders and because of the violent beating you can get it became a world famous surf spot. According to wikipedia Lower Newport “sees many spinal cord injury victims every summer which often end up as paraplegics.”

The Wedge only breaks big a few times a year so when it’s on it is always a show. For your viewing pleasure three Wedge videos:

And to finish it off – a sick photo.


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