X Games Fall – Jake Brown walks away with a concussion

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X Games Fall – Jake Brown released from hospital

The now famous X Games Fall  finished when James Brown was released from the hospital this Saturday. James Brown suffered a lung contusion and a right wrist fracture. He will have surgery on his wrist next week . James made a short statement before he was released: “I’m happy to be talking to you … [the fall] doesn’t look so hot on TV. It looks like my head is about to fly off my neck. I guess there was some luck involved. I’m happy to be talking to you.”

The fall was called anything from, x games skate fall, x games accident, worst slam ever, x games big air fall to x games skateboard fall and people measured it anywhere from 30 to 50 feet. See the original news with more videos – X Games Fall , if you just need to refresh your memory :) watch this…


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