X Games Slams – Jake Brown 40+ ft fall

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Jake Brown And Worst Skateboard Slam Ever

X Games are in full swing this is the thing that’s already has loads of videos on youtube because its….well the worst skateboard slam ever. Jake Brown was already leading the X Games 13 Skateboard Big Air event. Getting ready for his fifth and final jump and landed a clean 720. He flew up up the quarter pipe trying to make a 540 McTwist but the result was one of the worst most frightening falls you can see on TV. Jake Browns skateboard wobbled just at the top of the quarter pipe. He lost his board and shot in the air the dropped like 45 feet to the flat wooden deck. It looked like that’s it for Jake.

Fellow skater Pierre-Luc Gagnon of Carlsbad later said: “I seriously thought he was dead, broke his back or broke both legs, that was the gnarliest slam I’ve ever seen in my life.” After a long 8 minutes Jake stood up and walked off the floor, he was taken to the hospital, but I still can not understand how he made it. To bad that later Bob Burnquist scored 96.55 points in his final run and took first place from Brown. Brown placed second with a 95.33 run. Gagnon took third.

“That’sthe most terrifying thing I’ve seen in my life, in the history of skateboarding,” said skater Jason Ellis, who rushed immediately to Brown’s side. “His eyes were open and he wasn’t breathing. I thought he was . . . dead.”

After slam blah blah

Ellis said that when Brown regained consciousness, he didn’t know what happened.
“As soon as he was up, he goes, ‘Do I have another ride?’ ‘What’d I do?’ ‘Did I try the 720?’ ” said Ellis.

“You made the 720,” Ellis told him.

“What’d I do on the quarter?” Brown asked.

“Nothing, dude,” Gagnon told Brown. “You did nothing on the quarter pipe.”

Had Brown not walked away, Burnquist said he would have passed on his final run, giving Brown the victory.

“There’s a part of me that would have liked to let Jake win,” said Burnquist, who was the heavy favorite because he had last year’s Big Air ramp moved to his 12-acre home. “But it is a competition. He would have wanted me to go out and do my best. Not give up.”

After realizing Brown had survived a frightening crash, Burnquist said he broke down and wept.

“It is bittersweet,” Burnquist said. “He walked away hurt. It’s a roller coaster of energy. Harsh.”

Ellis said he doesn’t want to enter the event next year after witnessing Brown’s accident.

“This contest,” he said, “you can die.”

X Games and Action Sport Events Injuries?

The most serious injury suffered during a recent action sports event left bicycle motocross (BMX) rider Stephen Murray of Corona paralyzed from the neck down. Competing at the Dew Action Sports Tour on June 22 in Baltimore, Murray attempted a double back flip on dirt, a trick he has pulled off numerous times. He landed the trick in 2001 to win X Gamesgold, but this time he landed on his neck.

This years FMX double backflip also went wrong for Scott Murray

Jake Brown in Blind What If

I want to finish this near death slam post with something more positive. I know that slams, danger, injuries, falls are the biggest OMFG for the crowds and people actually expect and look forward to see them. But this is not what skateboarding and extreme sports are about. It about the feel good, the friends…

You can feel it all over
You can feel it all over people
You can feel it all over
You can feel it all over people…. so watch Jake Brown not slamming but killing it in the pipe.


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