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Double Decade by Mack Dawg

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We can still remember the snowboard movie that commemorated the first ten years of making snowboard movies of Mack Dawg. It was and early May afternoon in a snowboard shop in a France ski resort of Tignes where we were spending our European snowboarding holly days. The crowds left, only a few lifts were open, and it was pleasantly warm. Tired after a long day of snowboarding (and after 15 days of snowboarding) we wandered through some kind of shopping center with our friend. Most of the shops were closed for the season and so was this snowboard shop. Bolted shut with iron grid over the windows. But the TV was on and the Mack Dawg Decade movie just started. When we think of it, remembering all that after 10 years – that must have been a great way to see a snowboard movie. This is how every snowboard movie should be watched. Hell this is the way every movie should be watched :)!. Tired, sunburned, snowboarded out and no worries on the face of the planet.

Now comes a shocking reminder that we are ten years older that we were that early May afternoon and that would make us feel a bit melancholic if the reason for this post wouldn’t be the next Decade snowboard movie – Double Decade.

Double Decade commemorates twenty long years of Mack Dawgs snowboard movie bussines. In this time (well, to be honest it didn’t take 20 years, more like 4 or 5) Mack Dawg crew became the most famous, the most influential and the most watched production house in the snowboard movie bussines. And they have lots of great clips to prove it.

Double Decade is coming out this fall so we still have some time to adjust to the “we are 10 years older than we were when we watched Decade” state of mind, for the rest of you enjoy the teaser:

Double Decade Teaser

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2 Responses to Double Decade by Mack Dawg

  1. Bags says:

    Crap, I can also remember Decade :D :D

  2. PowderLover says:

    Sweet video. I’m ready for the snow to fall!


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