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Make it Yourself: Indoboard

Landlocked? No surf? The sea is flat? But you still want to to be sharp for the next wave, train your balance, get ready… This is the idea behind the Indoboard or now as they got really popular and lots of companies makes them – balance board. The thing is, it is no big science in a balance board. A round object a wooden plank. So people started making their own and saving some money. As usual there is an easy and a hard way to make a balance board. Actually the hard way is not really hard, its just harder then the easy way. Whatever :)

The Easy Way To Make A Balance Board

The Harder Way To Make A Balance Board

This one takes more time because you start from scratch. You make your own deck, you make your own roller, you go to the store to buy all the supplies, you need some tools etc. But I guess it also works a bit better when it’s finished. You can find the instructions here .

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