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Isenseven is a group of snowboarders coming from Germany, Austria and some other places and so far they have pleased us with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven teasers for their upcoming film – Ubermovie. For you that can not understand even a little German Uber means above or over so Ubermovie is kind of a super cool movie that is just uber good. It should be gooood because the clips are really nice. Anyway Isenseven are all about fun and this is what snowboarding should be. Their site is also loaded with last years clips from the movie called Prediculous, you can find them here.

Since the premiere is at the doors and they released a few more tesers since our last post we made a little update. Now you can see all the Isenseven Ubermovie trailers. Now to the flicks…

IsenSeven Ubermovie – Welcome (January 07)

IsenSeven Ubermovie – Now Dance (February 07)

IsenSeven Ubermovie – Homesick (March 07)

IsenSeven Ubermovie – Idiots Part II (April 07)

IsenSeven Ubermovie Trailer (May 07)

IsenSeven Ubermovie Trailer – Undermovie (July 07)

IsenSeven Ubermovie Trailer – Bang Bang (August 07)

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  • boarder says:

    Wow :D All I can say is – snowboarding is fun!! Great videos, creative, fun, different, cant wait for the movie!

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