Snowboard Teaser II – Any Means

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Any Means by Rome

Any Means, by Kids on Shred Productions is the new Rome Snowboards movie. Or at least it will be in august this year. Hopefully noone will loose the tapes :) The riders include Rome team members Jonaven Moore, Marius Otterstad, Bjorn Leines, Casey Neefus, Jesse Fox and Jussi Tarvainen. There are three teasers out already so there is no time to waste. The winter is no more but the cameras were rolling and the movies are in production.

Kids on Shred Productions

Kids on Shred Productions about themselves on MySpace: “We are a tribe of friends, We are snowboarders first – filmers second, We know the importance of shredding with your friends, the style of a method, and the knowledge that the right crew of people is more important than any million dollar Hollywood film budget. We know the fun of riding in the rain, We know the excitement of sneaking in to a rail at 3 am. We know nothing beats a pow turn, We know there are kids shredding ice who are having just as good of a time as shredders riding lines in Alaska.”

Rome SDS

Rome Snowboards or Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate (SDS) was started by two guys that worked for Burton – Josh Reed and Paul Maravetz. They wanted to start their own company to do things right, to make a company that cares about snowboarding and lives snowboarding. A company that isn’t just a ski factory spin off but a real thing.

Now to the clips…

Any Means I

Any Means II

Any Means III

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