Snowboard teaser V – E.F.F.E.D.

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EFFED is the name of the snowboard movie from Aprofilms. They have an interesting site and you should check them out. Before we go to the teaser there are a few goodies that came from their homepage. Like this interview with Matt Wallace from their crew.

Name: Matt James Wallace
Age: 19
Education: High School
Sponsors: Rome SDS, Billabong, Coors Light, Spy Optics, Mission Snowboard Shop,

Tricks: Getting good grabs.
Debt: $8000 on my car, $6000 to my dad total of $14,000.
Skateboard: Yes.

Short description of yourself.
5’9, 130 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, cute tush.

Are you the blood relative of William Wallace, the great warrior of Scotland? Do you feel that you slaughter snowboarding in the way that he slaughtered his enemies?
I’m sure I’ve got a few drops of williams blood pumping threw my bod. I’m not one for slaughtering though I like a quick and painless death.

Your probably are a huge fan of Mel Gibson?
He’s no Steve Irwin but he’s cool.

What do you look like outside of snowboarding clothes?
Modest and sexy. You’d wanna hump me.

People say that you look a little bit about Jerry Seinfield? Do you watch the show at all?
I don’t think I look like him very much. I don’t know how anybody could even relate me to him, I barely even watch the show.

How did you make your head fit a helmet so well?

You were recently up at the Jeux Du Canada Games in Yukon where you grabbed the Silver in half pipe. We heard that you got all the free food you wanted. You must be a tank now.
If I said I wasn’t huge I’d be lying.

You do a lot of competitions, so you are on the road lots. What is your favorite place you’ve been to?
I was in Breckenridge at the beginning of the year. They had the best pipe I’ve ever rode and their jumps were so fun. I’m at US Open right now and the slopestyle course looks amazing this place could be my new favorite. Mt.hood is pretty rad too.

What music are you into these days?
Band of Horses, Golden Dogs, DOA, Screeching Weasel, Turbonegro.

Coors Light hooks you up with some free beer. Do you get out of hand much?
If you got em, smoke em.

What are you doing this summer?
Working and saving for next season and a sled.

Lord of the rings or 300?
I haven’t seen 300 but it looks pretty cool. LOTR FO LIFE.

You have three wishes from a genie what are they?
1) Had some money so I wouldn’t have to work at Big Ts BBQ
2) It would snow at least 1 foot a week in Calgary. It never snows.
3) Had a nice truck and sled

Favorite snow film? rider? mountain? trick? song? part?
Afterlame. Shane Flood. Big White. FS 3. Dramarama-anything. Too many good parts to pick just one.

What was your first time snowboarding like?
A friend told me it was easier to ride goofy instead of regular. I skateboard regular and for some reason this guy convinced me it was easier so it was awkward and uncomfortable trying to ride the wrong way. Somehow it stuck.

What are your plans for next winter?
I’m hoping to film full time and do a few of the bigger contests in between. I might do some courses in the fall for school too.

And now to the clip…

E.F.F.E.D. Teaser

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