Snowboard teaser XVIII – Catch The Vapors

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Standard Films – Catch The Vapors

Damn, I just noticed that my snowboard teaser count is off. There are two number ten teasers so this one – Catch The Vapors gets number eighteen instead of seventeen. Anyway, what to say about Standard Films?

If you have been sitting under a rock…on Mars… then read this :) Standard films is THE name of snowboard movies, together with Mack Dawg and…well I can’t think of anyone else right now. If I counted right their first snowboard movie came out in 1993 and the didn’t stop since. The first one was called Totally Board featuring riders like Shawn Farmer (and his mt.Baker road gap), Nick Perata, Dave Hatchett, Damian Sanders, Jeff Brushie, Noah Branden, Andy Hetzel, Bonnie Leary and Jeff Tuloch. Since then Standard Films produced 15 more snowboard movies. For a long time, they were called simply TB series (TB=Totally Board) making it the most famous snowboard video series out there. After Totally Board we could see TB2, TB3, TB4, TB5, TB6, TB7, TB8, TB9, TB10, Best of TB Series , Notice to Appear , White Balance,  Lost in Transition, Paradox and Draw the Line. I guess its no use saying that the series captured some of the most monumental rides, places, tricks, riders… in the history of snowboarding. What I personally like about Standard Films is that they never forgot about the powder! Powder to the people tadadada… yeah. Every Standard Films snowboard movie has lots of powder, big mountain riding, steep slopes, avalanches… the whole pack, even in the jibbing’s back years where most of movies were filled (and lots of them still are) with just kickers and rails Standar Films takes you to the deepest freeshies…mmmm. For more info on Standard Films visit their website.

This years Standard Films movie is called Catch The Vapors and after all the stuff I just wrote – you can count on it to deliver :). Filmed all around the world, looking sniffing out the best powder :) …. enjoy.

Catch The Vapors Teaser

Draw the Line

If you missed their last years movie, here is the teaser for Draw The Line.

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