Snowboard Teaser XXI – In Short

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In Short

It has been a while since I posted the last teaser for the September 2007 snowboard movie assault that is just around the corner (if you can count on snowboarders to be on time and release their flicks in September) so In Short came handy.

So snowboard teaser number 21 is In Short  and it’s made by Blank Paper Studios. You might heard of Blank Paper Studios before, remember a movie called 91 Words for Snow? It was produced and directed by David Benedek and Christoph Weber. Now what is so short in In Short?

In Short sounds to be really interesting. Acording to Blank Paper Studios In Short will be a compilation of 5 different short films on one DVD. A mix of formats, breaking rules how Snowboarding films have to look, mixing genres, personalities, mixing documentary directors with music video editors… this project will try to be diverse, refreshing, unpredictable and surprising.

In Short Teaser

In Short

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