Snowboard Teaser XXIV: DC MTN Lab 1.5

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DC MTN Lab 1.5

Looks like the new Mountain Lab video should be fun. DC Mountain Lab? For a few years now, DC Shoes have a DC Mountain Lab – their own private snowboard park in Park City, Utah. It is a “research and demo” center and center of fun and crazy riding. Most of the area (22 acres) is covered with kickers, boxes, rails…you name it. There is also a house where snowboarders lay to rest every night (or not :) ). Mountain Lab has its own snowcat for building jumps and grooming the park, it has it’s own snowmobiles and dirt bikes. And it seems one hell of a fun place to live. What did they cook for this years video, see the clip…

DC Mountain Lab 1.5 Snowboard Teaser

DC Mountain Lab

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