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This is not some program to help hungry homeless surfers on the beach of some forgotten Indo island, give them clothes and education… as we thought at first :). Actually this is a site that helps young and upcoming surfers find sponsors. Help them get a few free boards, a trip to Mexico or maybe a six number contract. You never know these days.

So how does SurfSpono.com work? You set up your on line resume and fill it with you rodeo clowns videos and pictures of you holding really big and important winning trophies. Or something like that. Sponsorship managers of surf companies worldwide get an update on your profile every two weeks to check out who’s ripping and who’s new. If they like you, who knows…

SurfSpono is open to shortboarders, longboarders, body boarders, tow in, kite surfers and paddlers. So what are you waiting for, sing in yourself or your kids and start earning big bucks :).


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