Surfer Poll & Video Awards

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Surfer Poll and Video Awards 2007

Surfer Poll Awards 2007

Even if you do not live in the US, if you surf you’ve heard of Surfer Magazine. Its one of the oldest and most respected surf magazine out there. Tradition counts even more so in surfing, so get ready for 35th annual Surfer Poll & Video Awards.

This is the time when worlds best surfers shave, bathe and put on their nicest clothes (or not : ) ) roll the red carpet and play movie stars and this is the time when surfers from all around the world vote for who they think are currently the most influential surfers in the sport.

The voting starts NOW and ends on August 15, then in September top 10 male and top 5 female surfers are carried around on the shoulders and get to drink lots of free beer and then say things like: “Kelly Slater – What if I acted the way you do if I came down to Australia?; Mick Faning – You’d get laid!” etc.. The actual date and place of the show is – September 11, 2007, The Grove of Anaheim. What ads a bit to the prestige of the event is the fact that only 13 surfers have been crowned the Men’s Surfer Poll champions in all 35 years that the event is running. There have been more World Surfing Champions in that time.

Who were past winners? Surfers like Phil Edwards, Tom Curren, Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Joyce Hoffman, Lisa Andersen, Rochelle Ballard and Sofia Mulanovich.

There is also Video of the Year award with a nice clip of the last years best tube winner just under all my blah blah blah. How to vote for Surfer Poll and Video Awards? Go to or send your vote by mail.

Last Years Best Tube Award Went To Nathan Hedge

Nathan ‘Hog’ Hedge has won the ‘Best Tube’ award at the 2006 Surfer Poll Awards. Nathan scored the sick left hand tube ride while on a pro team Search trip through Indonesia.

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