The Stash

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Burton-Northstar Stash

What is stashed in the stash? A bunch of fun if you ask us. Huh? The Stash is a new project / thing / slope that came from the head of one Jake Burton. The general idea is to have a slope filled with “natural” opportunities to shred, drop, stomp, slide, jib, kick, float, hit and wipeout. Instead of the baby bunny green beginners line we will be able to make our own lines :) Oh, the brackets around natural mean that this playgorund will be man made and so not completely natural.

In Jack Burtons own words: “Freestyle riding and big-mountain riding might be different, but there’s no reason they can’t be combined into one run. That’s what The Stash is all about”.

Jack Burton Explains The Stash

So no this kicker line, that kicker line, jib line mashed together with a pipe, shaped to perfection etc but a slope where you make your own rules. Seems to us like a step forward and to the history. This is where snowboarding came from, evolved into parks and now the next step is a step back into the future..oh, no… actually forward into the history :)

Anyways The Stash Looks Like Loads Of Fun…

…But Watch Out For The Chainsaw Dude That Built The Stash…

And btw, you might want to set your speakers to a little lower volume before clicking play…

…there is only one thing bothering us. Stash is usually kind of a secret. Or hard to get to. Or something like that. If it’s there in plain site the stash will soon be empty…or to put it another way, with all the crowds riding The Stash all the runs, lines, pow pow etc… will be destroyed by the snowboaders so will The Stash be shaped and reshaped every day? Or should we just stick to our own stash of semi secret but hard to get to places in the mountains. Either way, the winter is coming and the stash looks fun so enjoy yourselves (in the northern hemisphere that is, so we do not insult our southern brothers…who can enjoy themselves in some other way of course…oh, no sexual implications there…lol).


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