Timmy Curran

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Timmy Curran – Word Of Mouth

Timmy Curran is another surfer turned musician. Well, his surfing can still turn heads. His flips can actually snap your neck :) Anyway, he came up with his first album called Word Of Mouth. And this is exactly how Timmy wants to spread the word about his new album. From one person to another, from emule to bittorrent :)… Timmy Curran decided to offer his album for free! You can go to his site and download any of his songs or his whole album.

Who is Tim Curran? Tim Curran was born  August 14, 1977 and is today a musician, retired professional surfer and a spokesperson for the Surfrider Foundation. While he was active on the surf world tour he was consistently in contention for the world championship and one of the better surfers out there. Still he remained one of the well-regarded surfers on the tour, a trait he attributed to his “Christian faith and belief in God”.

As mentioned he is an aerial wizard and is considered to be the pioneer of surfing’s “Aerial Revolution”. His upside-down flip was stomped in two-foot surf at Rocky Point in Hawaii during winter of 2005.

Word Of Mouth

  1. Daylight’s Coming | Download mp3
  2. Comatose | Download mp3
  3. Selfish Ways | Download mp3
  4. Moving On | Download mp3
  5. Slow | Download mp3
  6. Joan | Download mp3
  7. Horses On The Range | Download mp3
  8. Blue Eyes | Download mp3
  9. Lonely | Download mp3
  10. Save | Download mp3
  11. Can You Feel It | Download mp3

Or go directly to Timmy Curran site.


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