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Published on December 20th, 2007 | by K


When Snowboard Betties Are Bored

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Snowboard Girl And A Snowboard Toy

When the snow melts, the surf is flat and we are bored we surf the net, call our friends, get almost naked and play with a small snowboarder toy… HUH? Repeat that last part again :) The following pictures come from the Norwegian snowboard mag called PlayBoard, we do not know what the text says but who cares.

Kinky Snowboarder

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2 Responses to When Snowboard Betties Are Bored

  1. jaydon says:

    hay, look at this picture it is really disgusting and it also shows that there is harmful exposures to this picture.:o:-*:-*

  2. Justin Bieber says:

    mmmmm!!!, this picture is so nice and yummy

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