Young Guns 3

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How to make a Young Guns video? You take the best surfer on the whole world whos name happens to be Kelly Slater and you take some of the hottest young surfers on the world and put them together on board of Indies Trader to sail around some tropical archipelago like Mentawais and surf empty reef passes, eat good food, have some beers and have fun. The result of this are three Young guns videos. They way Kelly Slater is surfing it seems we can expect a few more Young Guns like IV and V and the young guns from the number one flick are not that young anymore.

Young Guns I

Young Guns II

And what Dane Reynolds did in Young Guns II

Young Guns III

Now the last of the series is about to be released. Quicksilver put up a special Young Guns 3 minisite where you can do all sorts of stuff among the others, you can vote on surfing clips of Dane Reynolds, Clay Marzo, Ry Craike, Julian Wilson, Jeremy Flores and Kelly Slater and decide which clip gets into the Young Guns III. At the moment Jeremy Flores from France is in the lead. You can also win a brand new MR surfboard doing it and kind of feel better that you are not on the Indies Trader right now with a bunch of your friends. There are also loads of Young Guns III Prepisodes here. One for the taste:


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