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Yet Another YouRiding Post

This is getting obsessive, we are making another Youriding post that will make the last three blogposts on the frontpage all related to Youriding. Gosh, we need to go out and catch some real waves or the guys at will start thinking we are stalking them. (We’ll try to fix that and make another Youriding unrelated post in a short time:) )

So the reason we are picking at Youriding again is the new version of the game – 1.4. There are a big bunch of new things in the game since the first version:

1. More surf spots! Since the launch of the game we are now able to surf Indicators, Aussie Pipe, Lennox Head, Scar Reef, Cave Rock, Itacoatiara, Chicama, Roca Bruja, Sebastian Inlet, Chatarra, Backdoor and a whole bunch of european spots. And we are sure we missed some.

2. Better graphics! The surfer moves much better and more smoothly, you got nicer spray when you make turns, you get spit out of the tube and more…

3. Better gameplay! The game and tricks and scoring is more complex and more skill oriented. Repeating the same roller slide again and again does not work any more.

4. Tow in! They added two more sports – tow-in surfing and tow-in bodyboarding (does this even exist?). They both have their own spots.

5. Competitons and tours! Now you can not only make your competitions but you can also make you own youriding tour with any number of competitions you desire.

6. Surf School! There is a surf school in the game that gives you some tips on how to play youriding.

7. Pimp my equipment! You can choose your surfboard/bodyboard and fins for it. Every piece of equipment has it’s own effect on the way you ride.

There is more like changed scoring system, new spot photos, new rankings etc… but we should leave a few things for you to discover. Play the game.

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