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NOTE: This article is about an older version of Youriding, some tips might still work.

Youriding is a new online flash surfing game We already wrote about. It is getting really popular (of course it is, duh!!). At the moment there are over 20.000 surfers and over 28.000 bodyboarders 174.000 surfers and bodyboarders registered (see how youriding is spreading like fire :) ) and addicted and have their own surfers or bodyboarders in the game.

We are keeping our promise and we are making an update to the collection of Youriding surfing tips and tricks. We thank you all for your input (especially forkoff). We still invite you to to post your Youriding tips and tricks if you are willing to share them. Just post them in the comments.

Youriding - Roller Layback

Youriding surfing tips and tricks

These tricks were updated for the 1.4 version of Youriding. The game has changed quite a bit from the old version and is much more complex. The graphics and stuff is also much better. Tricks scores are now much more evenly distributed among different tricks. So it’s not just one trick all the time any more (just a roller slide after roller slide).


  1. The first tip would be to change the control keys, they are made for a French keyboard that has different key placement.
  2. And the second tip would be to adjust the resolution / details so the game runs fast and smooth on your computer. If you have a slow computer it’s really hard to play on higher resolutions.
  3. Watch your speed and balance meter, if you do your tricks right (at the right time – see timing after the trick) you will loose less speed and balance and get more points.
  4. Stay close to the curl, there is where the big points are.
  5. Is the wave fast? If the wave is fast do rollers and snaps – you will lose less time and stay away from the foam.
  6. Is the wave slow? If the wave is slow there are many options. You really have to surf in the pocket. So make roller slides, roundhouse rollers and cutbacks. A cutback will give you around 1.000 points every time which is more that a badly executed roller. So use them to get back to the steep part of the wave.
  7. Is the wave slow? Wait for the curl, do not speed ahead, even wait with your take-off until the breaking wave gets close.
  8. Is the wave hollow? Rollers are usually best if the wave is hollow, you get better timing with them .
  9. Try different tricks on every wave and see what works best.
  10. The game says that repeating the same trick all the time will give you less points but I don’t think that is true. In bodyboard most of the waves are made to reduce the points every time you repeat a trick but search for the ones that do not reduce (some tricks are reduced every time like airs). Try to see if a reverse 360 is reduced. In surf just airs are reduced.
  11. If the tube is big you can make tricks in the tube, like a quick snap or even a roller (Jaws). There are better ways to score points… like staying deep in the tube.
  12. Most of the time don’t bother riding the tube, try to put in as many turns as you can. Tuberiding is great but in that time you can get more points by making open face tricks. Try to ride the tube as much as possible. Every wave should be tuberided. You have to wait for the right wave, not all the waves are good enough. Wait for the ones that are whiter (in deep blue waves and green ones) or darker (in already dark blue waves). To score big you need to ride the tube for as long as you can, short tuberides will not give you as many points. Also try to stay deeper in the tube – watch your balance meter!
  13. At some waves tube riding scores really big points (G-Land, Mundaka for instance). These are the waves where you can stay in the tube for a long time. Looooong and deep tubes give you big scores.
  14. If you see you won’t make the tube try to exit it at the top. This is not possible any more.
  15. Also save the airs and floaters for the end, you can make two rollers instead of one air and get more points.
  16. Finish with an air or a floater – just befor the wave closes out try to make a floater over the breaking section. Do not finish your waves in an air, make an air before the wave ends and then use a floater. Floater will give you more points and normally it’s better for getting to the foam without falling. Try to start the floater with balance bar full, so you can make a long floater.
  17. Try to ride your wave all the way to the sand until it is gone. Even if you are not making tricks your score is rising. This one is not true on every wave anymore. On the new waves you do not earn points by being on the foam so don’t bother trying to get to the foam to early.
  18. While riding the foam to the beach make cutbacks, that will give you more points (if the wave scores foam that is, see tip no.16).
  19. Every wave is different so you must figure out how to ride it and what tricks work best.
  20. You should also put your skill points where you need them for a specific wave. If its all tube then make your tuberiding 100% for example.
  21. You should also pimp you equipment. This will give an additional boost to your skill, so choose the right surfboard/fins for the wave.
  22. Get to know the wave so you can think ahead. Like to have enough speed for the section you know is coming etc… Enjoy!


We are not that good at bodyboarding so these are the tips contributed by our readers. But we guess that most of the general tips stand for both surfing and bodyboarding:

  1. In all waves do a lot of revers spins in the fast waves and you will get a lot of points.

That’s it for now. Any additional Youriding surfing ideas are warmly welcomed and will be included in the list, just leave them in the comments.

Now if you want more, then check out our youriding wave by wave tips.

Now go here to play YOURIDING and put these tips to good use :)


  • Vellies says:

    ;D Tuberiding scores heeeeaaaaps of points at waves like G-Land. I scored a 12 point barrel there just the other day.

  • Vellies says:

    Woops 12 000 point barrel :D

  • admin says:

    congrats! point taken, tip added ;D

  • admin says:

    :o just scored 12.000 barrel in Mundaka.

  • Scott says:

    I’m really ancy to play youriding. My computer is too slow, loading a percentage each hour and at school they blocked the site because it has games. I might just go to a friend’s house to play it. I just want to know are Shipsterns, The Wedge and Waimea shorebreak as good as they sound?

  • jake says:

    Every wave looks like it should ;) Waimea is kind of short, but thats just how it is with shorebreaks :)

  • surf says:

    from what ive seendoing a huge revert air at jaws will get you more points than other tricks same with backflips on body board

  • andy says:

    w the f can’t i register 2 play the game what ever i do it says error while registering then when i enter the new password it tells me that my logon and email already exists????

  • bingo says:

    True, you should start Jaws with a revert air.

  • surfn2live says:

    what happened to the game it won’t come up

  • Chris says:

    As you all know, is a newly developed game by a bunch of french computer geeks/bodyboarders.
    Previously we endured an inspection by the online gaming comitee, which resulted in the game being marked as brutal and inapropriate for users of age 15 and under, therefore the game was forced into closure for some hours.
    But do not worry as we will make minor changes to the game to get the game back online.

  • mojo says:

    [quote]brutal and inapropriate for users of age 15 and under[/quote]
    :o :o :o :o ??? Are you serious?
    A wipeout at the Wedge can be pretty brutal but WTF?!?!?

  • mojo says:

    What exactly did they find brutal about surfing :o ?

  • corey says:

    go to G-Land and try to stay into the barrel 4 as long as u can also put most of ur points on tube riding an u will get around a 20.000 point barrel

  • thomas says:

    we should get to where steamers in cold surf spots

  • boarder says:

    Aaaarrgh, wetsuits are for kids…just trunk it

  • Eskyboy says:

    It’s not like this game is a shooting game or anything. Some people make a living off surfing. how can you find a way of life unrecommended for ages 15 and under.

    my bro started surfing at the age of 5.
    I better tell him he has too wait till he’s 15.

  • DavidMilla (203) on ranking says:

    do a lot of revers spin in da fast waves and you will do a lot of points 8) 8) 8) Mundaka 63 thousand for an exemple

  • DavidMilla (203) on ranking says:

    In the box do a Forawrd spin to de air 5ooo you got by that do it right you get out of the barril ;D :o 8) ;) :)

  • jed mackie says:

    scott, at school type in and then click cached on the bottom of the first site!
    hope i helped!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

  • jed mackie says:

    what are the youriding chats??? :( :( :( :( :(

  • odog says:

    youriding is mad
    but you need to have a drop knee trick for bodyboarding
    and drop knee spins

  • forkoff ( 1st portuguese in surf and overall) (21st overall world player and 5th surfer)an says:

    I’m the best portuguese playing the game you see … the best

    I have some extra tips:
    the 10th tip it’s wrong … every wave should be tuberided That tip it’s for the older versions of youriding
    you have to wait for the right wave not all the waves are good enough to be the 1st … wait for the ones that are whiter (in deep blue waves and green ones), darker ( in already dark blue)

    another thing … the 8th tip it’s wrong but not entirely
    now …in bodyboard most of the waves are made to reduce the points every time you repeat a trick but search for the ones that do not reduce ( some tricks are reduced every time like airs … try to see if a reverse 360 is reduced ) in surf just airs are reduced

    Before I just did roler laybacks ( now called roller slide) but now I never do them … I prefer to do snaps that are faster and can get me out of a tube and then do a cut back

    In this version of youriding you’re not able to escape at the top of the wave doing a floater or an air trick so forget tip 12

    and do not finich you’re waves in an air … waste your airs and then use a floater that gives you more points and normaly it’s better for getting to the foam without falling

    On the new waves you do not earn points by being on the foam so don’t bother rying to get to the foam to early

  • 3G says:

    Hey forkoff, thanks for the tips!! We realy have to update the tips since the game changed quite a lot since they were written.

  • jesse says:

    floater as much as u can. u get heaps of points. im ranked like 17th @ waimea shorebreak because i floatered the backdoor to the shore.

  • Chapso says:

    gday. my mate tom wood found a way to go on any site at school without it being blocked.
    for youriding just type: and keep pressing yes until the page comes up.
    as you can see it is https at the start instead of http.

  • 3G says:

    Yes, floater is the way to go, but on new waves floater much harder to do, you loose balance quicker so this only works on old waves in the game.

  • bitchnipples says:

    that was seriously the weekest tips and tricks i have ever seen, it was about as interesting as pencil…seriously the only person on here that has any idea what they are talking about is forkoff

  • phillip says:

    well ure tips are crap ;)

  • tits says:


  • WhiteShort says:

    how can i get more points when surfing waimea ?

  • diego says:

    oe ay una mina que qera hacer el sexo con migo porfa a las 12:00 hasta las 8:00 que toy caliente porfa

  • :L says:

    how do u do tricks

    i can only do a floater :(

  • surfer braaaa says:

    ;Djust got a 18,000 point barrel at G-land,

  • geisa says:

    [i]:)[/i] pow esse jogo e maneiro eu tenho mais eu quero apreder como botah macete de dinheiro alguem pode me espricar

  • max says:

    try do some quick turns (roller, snap, 360) before you enter the s tube if the wave is a goood speed you will get a perfect tuberide and the turn will probaly get a high percentage.
    if the wave is slow and you get caught in the wash you can possibly get out and continue the wave.
    also try get in your tube possition as much as possible this will give you plenty of points but if the wave is too fast race it by going up and down the face
    plus if your on the white wash you can do a tailslide if you have enogh speed (only a 300 points but it could be the fdifference between a highscore and not)

    if there is a big section and you know you wont make the barrel try a big floter ;)

  • free wiilly says:

    i got 70.000 on a barrel at cloud break

  • oscar says:

    mira alguien m podria decir como gano dinero en youriding bodyboard menos en las competiciones…

  • Louie says:

    Im up to the first boss in journey mode (Tim Boal) but when i click play the challenge it just doesn’t load so im pretty much just stuck, anyone kno why?
    Help would be very appreciated, thanks.

  • forrest says:

    how do we do air grabs like wat keys

  • Scuffy says:

    But it won’t unlock a new zone,WTF that’s some cheap sh^t!

  • kai says:

    title :D;):);):D;D>:(:([removed]void(0);:o8):P:-*:'(:-*:P8):o:(>:(;D;D:D;):)

  • JDR says:

    Practise your tricks and find out how to do them with the best % timing possible. Tricks do devalue when you repeat them so the basic formula for a good score is 1 of each trick (including airs) at good &#xti;ming and get tubed as much as possible between tricks.

  • Ripcurl1998 says:

    i always get 20,000+ with only one barrel at bruces beauties.;D

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