Youriding wave by wave tips

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Youriding Wave Tips

Since I get quite a few visitors to my boardblog that are looking for  Youriding game and tips and cheats and instructions on how to surf I decided to share my tips on how to play every single wave on Youriding. I am not saying this is the best way to surf a wave, hell I really suck at some waves, so I will always add a note where has surfing like this taken me. To top 100 or am I stuck behind 1000th place. Plus – as game gets more and more popular and more and more people surf it gets harder and harder to keep your place in the best scores list. So what works today might not work tomorrow. Anyway, hope these tips help you surf better and score bigger. I will try to post at least one wave a day so keep coming back. And please give some feedback :)

Cloud9 – Siargao Islands, Philipines

OK but not great air on Cloud9
This is how I do it on Cloud9: I quickly start with two laybacks, I dont even bother to come all the way to the lip, I think you get better score that way. Both are around 50%. After that – aim for the lip just at the end of the tube and do an air. I managed to get over 75% and got over 3000 points. What is left is 2 or three more laybacks, the last two laybacks can easily get over 80% timing. Depending on your timing and speed it might be better to throw in a roller sometimes after the air so you have more time for the last two turns. Or (this works even better for me) try finishing with an air or at least a floater just before the wave closes so you can ride all the way to the beach. Surfing like this can get you in the top 200.

Thurso East – Scotland, UK Surfing Tip

Just another layback at Thurso East
There’s no big secret in surfing Thurso East that I know of. Just time your laybacks as good as you can and stay as close to the pocket as you can. Wait for the pocket at take off and wait for a big one. But there is a catch at the end – make sure you end your ride with a floater or an air or anything that keeps you standing. The foam has quite some time to get to the beach so turn left and right as fast as you can and watch the scores rise. Surfing like this can get you in the top 200.

Fistral Beach – Newquay, England, UK Surfing Tip

First turn at Fistral Beach
Another layback after layback wave. Timing and position is everything, so stay close to the curl and aim right to the top of the lip. Left and rights break more or less the same, but if you go left you will take of behind the peak and you will get a chance foir a nice big layback right from the start. From then on left is maybe more simple to surf since right has a few faster sections that you need to anticipate and add some speed to avoid the foam. But these are also the places to make big hacks on the lip and score big. At the end its floater time and then ride the foam all the way to the beach turning left and right. This will get you in the top 400.

Jaws – Peahi Valley, Maui, Hawaii Surfing Tip

Jaws Air Time
It might sound funny but the best way to score big when surfing Jaws is inverted air. The wave looks the same both ways but I get better scores if I go left. Right after take off make an inverted air – if done right it can give you around 4.000 points (or even more!!). When you land again aim for the lip and do a layback, your timig should be above 70%, that will give you lots of speed to outrun the giant foam trying to crush you. When the wave starts to get smaller and slower it is time for another layback (or even two) and then finish of with an air. This can get you in top 200.

Do you need some general tips and tricks on how to play Youriding?
Or you just want to go surfing?


  • mojo says:

    :o How do you get 80% timing at Jaws?

  • bingo says:

    Just aim for the lip at the point where thee tube ends. Sometimes you get lucky and really score big!

  • 360guide says:

    OK, I stopped posting new wave by wave tips and trick because Youriding game is developing and improving all the time and lots of times old tecniques don’t work anymore.

  • jed mackie says:

    if you can keep your speed up you can make the wave.
    and you have to change the key config IT IS CRUUCIAL TO
    hope i helped! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

  • daniel says:

    i try many times to rum the game but its imposibel can some body tell me where to go and what to do to star playing the game..

    Thanks to all..

  • jugh says:

    youriding is so bad now it takes ages to load and when your surfing sometimes when you take off on a wave you stall and fall to the bottom of the wave i want them to fix it

  • ross says:

    who played the original youriding so much better. I don’t care if they say the improved it, it’s so much worse. Bring back the original.

  • james says:

    the old one is bad the new is heaps good8)

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