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YouRiding Tips: Wave by Wave

This is a collection of Youriding tips and trick for specific waves on the Youriding world map. We suggest that you first go and read the general Youriding tips, tricks and cheats. Also keep in mind that these tricks were updated for the 1.4 version of Youriding. The game has changed quite a bit from the old version and is much more complex. There is more skill and less tricks involved with every new version. We tried to make specific wave by wave tips to play Youriding before, but the game and wave changes are so frequent that the tips get old soon. So we will try to make a collection of How To Ride A Youriding Wave XY right here. Some of these tips might be able tu get you into top 500 (for instance) today, but will not in a months or so.

If you are willing to share your secrets, post them in the comments. One for the taste:

Surf: How To Ride A Youriding Wave – Waimea Shorebreak?

This trick will probably not get you quite to the top of the rankings but it is really really really simple to get into the top 1.000. Waimea shorebreak is supposed to be a left, but screw that, go right right from the start and make a floater all the way to the beach. That’s it!

Bodyboard: How To Ride A Youriding Wave – The Box?

In the Box do a forward spin to the air and you will get 5.000 point just for that. Do it right when you get out of the barrel.


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