9 Gift Ideas For Active Men

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Every now and then you see a funny, interesting, useful… thing that just screams THIS WOULD BE A PERFECT GIFT FOR… and I’m all hell yes, this is it, I have to remember it when the birthday/new year arrives. And I never do. When the time comes I’m banging my head against the wall trying to remember what was it. So I started making a list. A a list of gift ideas for men, some of these I would love to get, some are just great ideas for friends. Hope this saves you some headaches :)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

These days all photos are digital so an instant film camera that spits out photos on paper as soon as you shoot them and instantaneously transfers your photos memories into a lasting souvenirs is a really sick thing to have. Since insta film costs like 20 bucks it’s a good idea to stick it into a good insta camera, don’t cut corners here if you are willing to spent 20$ on a film. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is one of the best insta cameras out there, with some functions other cameras lack. Like double exposure mode where 2 images are produced on 1 film sheet by pressing the shutter twice, bulb mode where the shutter remains open while the shutter button is depressed and you can do some light painting on your photo, macro mode for short distance photography, fast shutter speed etc…

Get it HERE

Enamel Mug


These cups are the thing right now. They convey that I’m sitting by the campfire sipping on hot coffee and having fun without a care in the world exploring the wilderness feeling. And who doesn’t want that feeling? I sure know I do :).

Get it HERE

Goat Story Mug


While we are in the coffee cup department, here is another original cup for you. The goat story coffee mug shaped like a goats horn. If you wish to give that Viking vibe drinking out of a horn..

..get it HERE.

Split GoPro Dome Port Housing

You know those sick over under photos? Where half of the photo is above water and the other half is under it? Well, if you own a GoPro camera, this is the puppy that you need to take them. A split dome port helps you put the waterline in the middle of the photo and join birds and sea life. It works with GoPro Hero3, 3+ and 4 and they are also rolling out a Hero5 version. So if you snorkel, surf, kayak, sup, dive, swim, or you are going on some tropical vacations, don’t forget to take this with you.

Get it HERE.

2000mAh Solar Phone Charger


The always power hungry gremlins of our smart phones can be satisfied by power banks when there is no socket in the vicinity but what happens when the power bank runs dry? This little gadget would kick ass if you not only pretend to drink coffee from Adventure begins cup in the middle of the woods next to a bonfire but you really do it. Solar panel  will absorb energy from sunlight to recharge the internal 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery. The convenient suction cup allows you to stick your charger to a window so even while you’re indoors you can recharge your battery. Travel around knowing you won’t have to worry about your phone dying.

Get it HERE.

DJI Phantom 4 Drone


Noo..if we are in the gadget and photo/video territory already why not go that extra step and get something we all want but are not sure if you need it and while it costs around 1.000$ we are happy to keep thinking about getting one instead of really going out a get it. The DJI Phantom is the kick ass drone of the drones. Auto takeoff and auto return home with GPS technology, captures 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps, the f/2.8 lens with a broad field of view delivers crisp, clear images, it has gimbal stabilization technology,hover function… get smooth, clean, professional looking footage while the camera is in the air

Get it HERE.

3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold


To cool down from expensive gifts here is something to cool you down. A mold for a ice grenade ice cubes. Sooo sick :)!

Get it HERE.

Grip for Your GoPro Camera


Every GoPro camera needs this grip. It acts as unnoticeable selfie stick, helps you hold on to your GoPro, and if you take it to water and drop it the grip will prevent your precious camera from sinking as it floats. And it’s dirt cheap.

Get it HERE.

Laptop Backpack That Doesn’t Look Ugly


Last but definitely not least – here is a backpack for all the gifts that you bought and for your 15 inch laptop. And it’s not ugly. What more do you need :)?

Get it HERE.



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